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Twin photo shoot – Geneva photographer

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In this twin photo shoot made as a Geneva photographer, you will discover the beautiful newborn twins Alexander and Liam. I met them 3 weeks at their parents’home in Geneva for this twin newborn photo shoot. They were already 3 weeks old newborn twins but twins, usually premature, sleep longer and let the photographer make their twin photo shoot a little later by “cheating” a bit. Of course, it is highly recommended hiring a birth photographer for your baby twin photo shoot as the photographer needs to know how to manipulate not only one baby, but two babies at the same time.

Twin photo shoot – Geneva photographer

When I arrive for Alexander and Liam’s newborn photoshoot, they were both already sleeping, there was therefore not more time to waste! I love using one of my newborn props which is a small basket, perfect for individual babies but also for twins. With twins in this basket, it shows how their relationship was important in their mummy’s belly but also after birth. I really love seeing twins hugging naturally and get one another peaceful, which is quite impressive to see during newborn twin photoshoot.

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That being said, while twins are easily tight together, they also have their own identity. It is always crucial for me, as a photographer specialized in birth photography, to immortalize each twin baby with individual portraits. Here, it is Alexander who was happy to show his beautiful eyes while Liam was still enjoying his deep sleep.

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Afterwards, we took advantage of the great weather to make some family pictures outside in the family garden. How much I love showing parental love falling on parents with their babies’birth.

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Coming back inside home, we made some additional pictures of baby twins together and individually.

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About Cathy, photographer in Genva:

Twin photo session – Geneva photographer

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Lisa 2 May 2018 - 13 h 59 min

These pics are so adorable!

LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne 4 May 2018 - 8 h 53 min

Thank you Lisa for your sweet comment!

Tamara 13 May 2018 - 10 h 22 min

Aaaww, how precious! I love the first picture. The slightly bigger brother seems to protect his twin.

Do you get to see your tiny clients again at some point, do you also take pictures of their first birthday or something?


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