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Create your birth list on LunaCat Studio to have your newborn photo shoot gifted by your friends and families. A birth list allows you to ask your friends, families and colleagues who do not know which gift to offer you, to help you through your baby’s birth list to offer you an original gift which are professional pictures of your baby. 

What is a birth list?

Your baby’s birth triggers a rain of gifts from families and friends. These gifts are often in multiple quantities (whose baby did not receive plenty of teddy bears for her birth?) and parents do not always find usefulness for these gifts. A birth list is the right solution to avoid these unused gifts as it is a system in which future parents tell their families and friends what to buy for their baby’s arrival, which can be furniture, clothes, diapers or other accessories and objects that parents want to buy. A birth list is therefore really useful for parents whose budget is limited for their baby’s birth or just do not want any unuseful gifts. This birth list is also practical for friends or families who are sure their gifts will be used by parents.

In this context, LunaCat Studio offers an online birth list dedicated to photography for future parents who want to get an unforgettable experience after their baby’s birth with creative and unique baby pictures made by a professional photographer specialized in newborn photography. Some parents just do not have any idea how important it will be for them to have their baby photographed in her first days of life. It is often a regret that parents will have after their baby is too old for a newborn photo shoot, which can be after some weeks, 1 month or even later when they see how much their baby has grown.

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How the birth list works?

With the internet, it is possible to create a birth list right on a website. It is usually the case for online decoration stores, furniture and baby clothes. To create a birth list dedicated to offer an original gift for a future mum or future dad, LunaCat Studio has created a dedicated system for your baby’s birth list for her newborn photo shoot. After contacting me,  a birth list is specially created for your baby and you will just have to share it with your friends, families and colleagues who want to participate to your birth list to offer you an original gift for you and your baby. To share your birth list, you can simply send the link to your birth list page on LunaCat Studio or directly share it on social media from your birth list page. People contributing to your birth list for your newborn photo shoot can also let you a message on your page.

In the end, the photo shoot birth list will help you tell your friends and families how to help you to get an original gift for you and your baby. They will be delighted to know you will get beautiful pictures on photo paper created by a professional photographer who knows how to safely manipulate your baby. You an use your birth list amount towards the photo shoot you prefer but also on photo products and digital files offered by LunaCat Studio, you are the master! Do not hesitate to read LunaCat Studio past clients’ testimonials to know what it is like to be photographed by our studio.

I want to create my birth list!

You want to create your newborn photo birth list to immortalize your baby’s first days in life by a professional photographer specialized in newborn photography? Do not wait any further and contact me so that I can create your birth list on LunaCat Studio. You will thereafter be able to share your birth list with friends and families so that they can contribute to your newborn photo shoot.

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