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Newborn photo shoot in Montreux: Hugo

by LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne

What a pleasure to show you Hugo’s newborn photo shoot in Montreux. As the beautiful Jenny and her baby photo session, I could not see Hugo’s eyes open because he slept during the entire photo shooting. Even during family pictures, baby Hugo did not want to open his eyes!

Newborn photographer: Oscar, Geneva

by LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne

After Abigaël’s newborn photo session, let’s continue with baby Oscar, who I had the pleasure to photograph some days after his birth near Geneva as a newborn photographer. Oscar’s parents had received a gift card for their newborn photoshoot and therefore discovered this unknown phtography specialty. 

Lausanne photographer: Alyssa & her newborn photos

by LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne

The last newborn photo shoots published on the blog have been exclusively with baby boys: babies Léo and Erwan if you did not seen them already. We are also leaving Neuchâtel to come back to the Lausanne region as I am a Lausanne photographer. This time, I am showing you…

Newborn photography Neuchâtel: Erwan, 11 days old

by LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne

A newborn photo shoot is always experienced by parents as a unique and wonderful moment that will give them a gorgeous family heirloom for their family with their newborn photos. How wonderful can it be when it is the future dad who gifts this newborn photo shoot to the future…

baby photo 1 year old Iris

Baby photoshoot: Iris, 1 year old

by LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne

Baby photoshoot in Switzerland by LunaCat Studio, lausanne photographer specialized in baby photography, newborn photography, maternity photography and family photography.