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Newborn photographer in Lausanne, Switzerland, LunaCat Studio accompanies you for the arrival of your beautiful baby.

People commonly think they will have enough time to take pictures of their baby by themselves, or at least to hire a photographer later on, sometime after the birth. But new parents become fastly surprised by the lighting-fast changes of their baby during the first days of life. Hiring LunaCat Studio as your newborn photographer is making the choice of high-quality images created by a professional photographer to ensure you will have timeless memories of your baby’s beauty in his first days. Your child will thank you for choosing to work with a professional newborn photographer such as LunaCat Studio when you will be able to share with him those beautifully-created images some years later! Discover LunaCat Studio newborn photos for more newborn images.

newborn photographer

Newborn photographer: professional photography style and experience

LunaCat Studio specializes in newborn photography using posed photography with natural and organic style. To perform the poses you see on this website, the newborn needs to be vey young, aged less than 15 days. Indeed, at birthday, your baby owns a lot more bones than you. Those bones will then blend together, therefore, after 15 days, the newborn will not be able to make such curly poses and movements, which will make newborn style posing nearly impossible. Moreover, during his first days of life, a newborn will be really sleepy, letting us pose him naturally and with comfort. There again, after 2 weeks, your baby will need less sleep and it will become difficult to make this photoshoot effective.

A baby is not an object and experience is critical to respect your newborn and protect his comfort and security during the newborn photoshoot. Not everyone can be a newborn photographer with a baby that just came to life. Therefore, I highly recommend you hiring a professional newborn photographer specializing in posed newborn photography, who is used to working with such little beauties as your baby.

Newborn photographer: how much does a newborn photoshoot cost?

Newborn photography needs a lot of experience to soothe your baby and manipulate him correctly to ensure comfortable and secure posing so that he can peacefully sleeps during the photosession. After booking your newborn photosession, you will receive advice to prepare the session smoothly. You are accompanied during the whole process, before, during and after your newborn photography experience so that custom created photos will be cherished for years in your family. We take pride in providing a wonderful photography experience to families during newborn photoshoots so that you can keep timeless memories from this moment.

To learn more about LunaCat Studio availability and investment for a newborn photo session, please contact me.

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Newborn photographer: when to book?

It is always difficult to predict in advance the photo shoot time for your newborn. At the moment, it is still important to contact me months before your due term to ensure LunaCat Studio is still available. The number of newborn photosessions is limited to ensure custom and high quality services to each family. Do not hesitate to contact LunaCat Studio before your 8th month of pregnancy to book our newborn photography services.

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Newborn photo session: how does it work?

LunaCat Studio comes at your home to make the newborn photo session. Owning dedicated newborn photography accessories, everything is brought to you for the newborn photoshoot but you are welcome to prepare any accessory that you would like to be included in your custom photos. LunaCat Studio is only working with natural lighting for 2 reasons:

  • natural light is softer than artificial lighting and gives a soft and beautiful texture to your baby’s skin.
  • flash light can be dangerous for a newborn photosession. Indeed, your newborn is sensitive to light and the flash can startle your baby. A repeated use of flash during a photoshoot is far from ideal for your newborn comfort, therefore I am not using it

The newborn photosession lasts from 2 to 3 hours depending on your baby’s needs. Indeed, your newborn is leading the shoot and we are adapting everything around your baby’s needs, either it be feeding, changing or soothing.

Discover the last newborn photo sessions made by LunaCat Studio on the blog.

newborn photographer

LunaCat Studio is based in Lausanne in Vaud, Switzerland and is available to photograph your newborn in Vaud, Geneva, Vevey, Montreux, Fribourg, Neuchâtel and Yverdon but also in France and the rest of Switzerland. LunaCat Studio is also a pregnancy photographer.

For more info on the newborn photographer LunaCat Studio, please go to

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