Today, let’s see the Lausanne photo shoot for babies I made for Alexis’ family, newborn baby of 9 days old for his photo session. As a new parent, we often wonder if it is worth investing in a newborn photo shoot at home. Parents hiring LunaCat Studio as a newborn photographer tell me that at first, they did not know wheither they would like the newborn photo shoot, which can be sometimes scary as your baby is fragile and so important.

But after the experience of the newborn photo shoot, that is to say seeing their baby taking the physiological poses I accompany the newborn into, and the images that bring the beauty of baby, parents area always delighted and do not regret the investment. This is something that is hard to imagine before experiencing such a photo shoot (not especially a newborn photo shoot). I do not tell you the number of parents regretting not having made a newborn photo shoot for their first baby when they come to me for their second child during the mum’s second pregnancy.

The most important “award” I receive comes from parents who recommend me to friends and family but also gift the newborn photo shoot to other expecting parents. For that, they buy a gift card (which is a lovely birth gift or even Christmas gift) so that the expecting parents can experience the newborn photo shoot with a professional photographer specialized in newborn photography, as much as they loved it themselves.

Lausanne photo shoot for baby

After this introduction on the importance of a newborn photo shoot for parents and the family heirloom, I let you discover Alexis’ newbor photos and family pictures made during his Lausanne photo shoot at home. His parents love blue and neutral tones, I therefore used these colors to prepare the background and newborn props for baby photos.

Lausanne shooting photo lausanne baby

Lausanne photo shoot baby

I also love showing baby’s simple and pure beauty. Physiological poses, no prop and black and white photo treatment is so efficient to that extend as Alexis is naturally so gorgeous.

Lausanne photo shoot baby

Lausanne photo shoot baby

As usual, we do not forget family photos that will be so important for decades to come, for parents and children!

Lausanne photo shoot baby


Lausanne photo shoot baby

Lausanne photo shoot baby

Depending on your baby’s curliness, which will be shown by your baby during her photo session, your newborn baby will like some poses better than others. Only an experienced newborn photographer is able to understand your baby’s likes and dislikes concerning her position. For example, the following pose does not suit every baby but Alexis loved getting into this position as he is a very curly and flexible baby.

Lausanne photo shoot baby

Lausanne photo shoot baby

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About Cathy, photographer in Lausanne:

Lausanne photo shoot at home 

LunaCat Studio offers to new parents in Lausanne, Geneva, Neuchatel, Nyon, Gland, Yverdon and France in Haute-Savoie, Ain, Jura and Doubs high-quality newborn photography at home.

Based in Vaud, Switzerland, LunaCat Studio offers as a creative newborn photographer a unique treatment of your twins’ first days of life with artistic and wonderful imagery during a newborn photo shoot at home as a Lausanne photographer. The newborn photo session stays a privileged moment to immortalize the first days of your baby after her birth in Lausanne.

Photography services for baby photo in Lausanne

LunaCat Studio offers her baby photography for parents during a newborn photo session in Lausanne, also in France in Haute-Savoie, Ain, Doubs and Jura and the rest of Switzerland in Morges, Nyon, Lausanne, Fribourg, Yverdon, Neuchatel, Vevey. Contact me for more information on your newborn photo session.

You are not looking for a newborn photographer at home in Lausanne? LunaCat Studio is also specialized in pregnancy photography, baby photography and family photography. Do not forget to check out LunaCat Studio clients’ testimonials.

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