Baby photo: Jenny, Lausanne

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Photographing a baby is a real honor for me, which I remember during every baby photo shoot. By publishing baby photos on my photography website, my blog and on social media, I measure every time how much parents are confident in my photography services and allow me to share my work with future parents so that they can see a teaser of what awaits them during a newborn photo session. A baby photo shoot is always something new, a stressful moment but also so peculiar for a mum and dad.

Baby photo: Jenny, Lausanne

Will the photographer be good with baby? Will baby cry? Will baby pee or poo on the photographer’s blanket? Will pictures be great? I can answer to all these questions without any problem even before your baby’s newborn photo session. I have been a professional photographer specialist in birth-related photography (maternity, newborn, baby and family) and I have seen the majority of things that can happen during a newborn photo session.

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This expertise in handling your baby and moreover understanding your baby’s signals allows me to adapt the photo shoot to the situation. That is also what I love about my job, which is to say meeting a baby or more (twins, triplets) different at every baby photo shoot and creating for them and their parents gorgeous images as an heirloom from their birth.

baby photo

In this blog post, you discover baby photos of the lovely Jenny, who was the perfect top model as she was comfortable in every physiological position I offer to parents. Every baby is unique and it often happens that some positions do not fit the baby, which baby will “tell” me fastly through discomfort signals. But with Jenny, none of that and I could not even see her eyes as I could not wake her up and disturb her beautiful sleep ;).
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Yet, do not be afraid, even if your baby does not like one position or the other, or if she is not sleeping, I have no problem creating beautiful baby photos for you. Indeed, I have multiple techniques to overcome a “brave” baby fighting against sleeping. Your baby is an emotional sponge and if she feels your stress, this will not help her wanting to sleep. Do not blame yourself, stressing out is totally normal and the newborn photo shoot duration has been calculated to have enough time to make beautiful photos Votre bébé est une éponge à émotions et s’il sent que vous stressez, cela ne l’aide pas à vouloir dormir. Ne culpabilisez pas pour autant, le stress est normal et la durée d’une séance photo nouveau-né est calculée pour avoir tout le temps nécessaire pour faire de beaux clichés de votre bébé, dans tous les cas !

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S’il y a une chose que je peux par contre vous conseiller dès à présent si vous souhaitez réaliser des photos de votre bébé après sa naissance, c’est de ne pas attendre la dernière minute pour réserver la place de votre bébé dans mon agenda. J’accepte un nombre limité de bébés pour réaliser leur séance photo nouveau-né quelques jours après leur naissance, ce qui nécessite d’adapter mon agenda à la date réelle d’accouchement.

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En effet, pour que la séance photo bébé se passe au mieux, il ne faut pas attendre de la faire après les 15 premiers jours de vie de bébé. Bien sûr, j’adapte la séance photo nouveau-né à un bébé plus vieux (vous avez pu voir des séances photo bébé à 1 mois sur le blog) mais ce n’est pas l’idéal pour pouvoir travailler dans les conditions optimales et mettre toutes les chances de notre côté pour réaliser les photos de votre bébé en toute simplicité.

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baby photo

baby photo

baby photo
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Based in Lausanne in Vaud, Switzerland, LunaCat Studio offers as a creative newborn photographer a unique treatment of your baby’s first days with artistic and wonderful imagery with baby photos after your baby’s birth. The newborn photo session stays a privileged moment to immortalize the first days of your baby after his/her birth in Geneva.

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