newborn photographer

Newborn photoshoot : Eilís, Lausanne

by LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne

By making newborn photoshoots, I am lucky to discover beautiful baby names from different origins around the world. After the baby boy Agastya and his indian origins, I had the honor of meeting the lovely baby girl Eilís (to be pronounced as Aylish), with a surname coming from Irland like her dad….

Newborn photoshoot : Agastya, Vevey

by LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne

Agastya is the lovely name for the star of the day, the little baby boy of Venu and Sushma, coming from India. Agastya was really peaceful during his whole newborn photoshoot and showed us his beautiful eyes before smiling greatly and sleeping deeply for more photos and family pictures with…

Newborn photographer: Axelle

by LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne

Axelle is Louiza’s gorgeous daugther. As a newborn photographer, I am always happy to meet the little baby I have been photographing in her mum’s belly. Newborn photographer: Axelle With her 2.8 kg, Axelle was a “little shrimp” as her mother was calling her during the newborn photo session. Even being…

photographe nouveau-né iris

Newborn photographer : Iris

by LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne

As a newborn photographer, I totally rely on future parents for the good booking of their newborn photoshoot. As a future parent, we do not really realize how much their newborn will change during the first 15 days. For the newborn photoshoot to be done in the best conditions, the newborn…

photographe nouveau-né lausanne

Newborn photographer: Léonard

by LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne

As a newborn photographer and a wedding photographer, I am able to follow the couples through different steps of their family life. If you remember the beautiful wedding day of Elise and Antoine, you must recall this couple was expecting a wonderful event. This is therefore with no small joy…

Newborn photo Lausanne: Luca, 10 days old

by LunaCat Studio photographe Lausanne

Luaca is a wondeful newborn I had the chance to meet for his newborn photo session in Lausanne with Sabrina and Cédric, his parents, who you already know from their maternity photoshoot in the swiss Lavaux. The newborn photoshoot was meant to be really fun, as his father plays american…