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Your baby is more intelligent than you!

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In this post, I wanted to show you a quite surprising movie about the logical mind of your baby. We are used to think that our children are less intelligent than adults, and yet, they have suck a logical ability which is superior to ours and they know how to understand problems quite fastly and make impressive logical deductions. This movie shows some experiments made by Laura Schulz’s scientific group at the MIT, which studies the logical mindset of babies and children. You will see real experiments made with babies to evaluate how they use their mind to logically deduct things from a small data sample, which is quite interesting to look at. If you want to learn more about how your baby thinks and use his logic, I can only recommend you to watch the movie until the end :)!

The surprisingly logical minds of babies

If you do not have time to watch the movie, here are some summarized info from Laura Schulz’s conference at TED on the logical minds of babies:

  • the importance of generalization for babies: from only small samples of data, babies have to generalize how to use objects.
  • babies use probability from their observed data samples to predict and generalize: 2 experiments are made with 2 15-month-old babies who need to predict if blue or yellow balls squeak.
  • Causal resoning is also explored in another experiment: if a toy goes or not depending on the person using it, the baby will understand and make conclusions about why the toy is not working.
  • This ability from baby to make conclusions by themselves and generalize is the source of cultural learning because children discover new tools from a few examples.

From now on, when you will look at your children and even babies, you will know they are learning and making logical deductions just as research scientists! Your babies are way more intelligent than you are :D!

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